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Building Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection (MEPF) BIM services center on creating data-rich, clash-coordinated 3D models of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems.   

MEPFS models are accurate, thorough, and up to code since building information modeling incorporates mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. We help MEP contractors, consultants, coordinators, fabricators, construction companies, and design-build businesses with their design, detailed drawings, and fabrication using CAD and BIM.  

Our MEP engineering services are available nationwide within a specified LOD range of 100 to 500. Finding and fixing incompatibilities between various building systems lessens the likelihood of errors and delays during construction. Simulating building performance, optimizing energy efficiency, and reducing cost are all possible with BIM’s accurate and data-rich 3D models of building systems.   

We also help with Scan-to-BIM development, MEP As-built drawings, quantity takeoff, erection drawings, LOD 400 manufacturing, and clash-coordinated detailed models. 

We make it a point to follow building codes set out by organizations ASHRAE, ASPE, IECC, and NFPA in addition to local standards when integrating MEP BIM. 


Our MEP Design Services Includes: 



  • HVAC System 
  • Water Supply system 
  • Drainage system 
  • Fire Protection and suppression system 
  • Water treatment system 
  • Irrigation system 
  • LPG and Natural gas system 
  • Medical gas and laboratory systems  
  • Compressed air system 
  • Sewage treatment plants 



  • High and medium voltage substations  
  • HV / LV distribution networks 
  • Power generation 
  • Uninterrupted power supply systems  
  • Lighting design and control systems 
  • Building management system 
  • Fire detection and voice evacuation system 
  • ICT systems  
  • CCTV and intrusion systems  
  • Security and access control systems  
  • Public address system 
  • Home automation systems  


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