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where innovation converges with expertise to redefine the landscape of engineering solutions

 At Smart Engineering, we transcend the conventional consultancy model, positioning ourselves as pioneers in shaping the future of smart and sustainable engineering practices.

Smart Engineering Consultancy is a dynamic and forward-thinking firm, steadfast in delivering cutting-edge solutions across diverse engineering domains. Our team, comprising seasoned professionals and experts in various engineering disciplines, ensures a wealth of knowledge and experience is infused into every project we undertake.

Our Values:


SEC Consultancy specialized in full engineering solutions utilizing latest industry design tools such as BIM modeling to provide professional and most economical solutions for wide range of construction projects including commercial, residential, hospitality and industrial sectors in addition to specialized services for the oil & gas projects in Middle East and north Africa “MENA” region

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It is our involved duty at SEC consultant to conduct our company in a manner that is ethical, safe, and beneficial to all parties , including our clients, workers, and local communities.
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We will earn the confidence of our clients and coworkers by consistently acting in an ethical and fair manner.
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Compatibility and providing eco-friendly solutions to our clients are our top priorities.
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To accomplish more, we foster a workplace that recognizes and rewards collaborative contributions from all employees.
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SEC Consultancy is committed to exceptional levels of health and safety standards protecting its people and the environment and strives always to keep our people safe, considering this as the most important measure of success. 


To provide engineering solutions that are both innovative and environmentally responsible, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. 

What Sets Us Apart

Smart Engineering Consultancy stands out for its holistic approach to problem-solving. Recognizing that today’s challenges demand innovation, our dedicated team leverages the latest technologies and methodologies to provide effective solutions. From smart city planning to sustainable infrastructure development, our comprehensive services evolve in tandem with industry needs. 

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SEC Consultancy is committed to exceptional levels of health and safety standards protecting its people and the environment and strive to keep our people safe at all time considering this as most important measure of success.
In our continuous efforts to achieve safe and health work environment we are committed to:

  • Provide a highly effective HSE management system that drives continual review and improvement.
  • Minimize and aim to ZERO work-related injuries to SEC employees.
  • Maintain safe and healthy working conditions.
  • Making sure that where employees work and any equipment they use is safe.
  • Developing safety culture where our people embrace ownership for the safety of themselves and others.
    Involves our employees on health and safety issues that affect them.

The commitment to this policy by the leadership management and employees of SEC Consultancy provides the foundation for a safe workplace, operational excellence and successful long-term business.

On a regular basis, SEC Consultancy will provide services and products that not only fulfill but also beyond our clients’ needs and expectations. 

To boost quality, we will implement initiatives to ensure that all employees can do tasks accurately and consistently. 

As part of our dedication to constant development, we’ve set up a quality management system to track and enhance our operations. 

Through a series of trainings, orientations, and quality performance monitoring, SEC consulting will execute the quality processes and make sure that every employee knows what the firm requires in terms of quality. 

To make sure our quality goals are in line with our company objectives and customer satisfaction, we assess our internal quality processes on a regular basis. 


We at SEC Consultancy are committed to providing quality services to all stakeholders in an environmentally responsible manner and to minimizing our impact on the surrounding environment. Improvement of the environment forms an integral part of our business philosophy and values.

To meet our commitment towards the environment we do:

  • Establish sound environment objectives and targets.
  • Continuously assess and strive to minimize the impact of our activities and operations on the environment.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Conserve natural resources such as water, energy, and other raw materials by promoting pollution prevention, recycling, and reuse.
  • Take the initiative to form an environmentally aware workforce and improve environmental awareness amongst all our stakeholders.


SEC Consultancy is committed to exceptional levels of health and safety standards protecting its people and the environment and strives to keep our people safe at all times considering this as the most important measure of success.

Our commitment to a safe and healthy workplace includes the following goals:

  • Establish a robust HSE management system that encourages regular evaluation and enhancement of current practices.
  • Workplace injuries to SEC personnel should be minimized or eliminated altogether.
  • Make sure that the workplace is safe and healthy for everyone.
  • Assuring the safety of the workplace and any tools used by personnel.
  • Our main goal is a safety culture where employees take personal responsibility for their own and others' well-being.
  • Involves our staff in matters pertaining to their health and safety.
  • A safe workplace, operational excellence, and the company's long-term success are all built on the leadership, management, and workers' dedication to this policy.