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Shop drawings, point clouds, scan-to-BIM, construction documents, 3D renderings, and visualizations are all made possible by SEC’s interdisciplinary team of skilled BIM modelers, engineers, and architects. Various projects in the commercial, residential, healthcare, hotel, industrial, and educational sectors have been successfully completed with our Revit Architectural BIM Modeling services, which are data-rich and adhere to stipulated Levels of Detail (LODs). With a decade of expertise under their belts, SEC guarantees precise Revit modeling services for every step of the process, from initial idea to final construction documentation. Architectural BIM modeling services of the future are built on top of clash-coordinated Revit 3D models. Renovating, remodeling, and as-built projects are made easier with our in-house 3D laser scanning services and point cloud to BIM services. 

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