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The Ummahat Al Shayk Island Resort is a spectacular project in the Sharaan Nature Reserve of Saudi Arabia. This resort is part of The Red Sea Project, which intends to establish a regenerative tourism destination on Saudi Arabia’s west coast. It was designed by famous architect Kengo Kuma. Here are some important facts regarding this interesting venture:

1. Location: The Ummahat Al Shayk Island Resort is located inside The Red Sea Project’s enormous 28,000 km2 territory. This ambitious project features a beautiful archipelago of about 90 pristine islands encircled by the Red Sea’s blue seas. There are also broad sand dunes, rocky mountain valleys, dormant volcanoes, and old cultural and heritage sites1.

2. Architectural Vision: Kengo Kuma envisioned a perfect combination of luxury and natural beauty. There are 100 villas, two restaurants, a spa, and a reception pavilion in the resort. Each detail has been carefully considered to immerse visitors in the breathtaking surroundings while offering a sense of barefoot luxury1.

The Ummahat Al Shayk Island Resort promises an exceptional experience, allowing guests to interact with nature while also indulging in luxury and exploring the stunning beauty of Saudi Arabia’s western coast.

SEC was contracted by First Fix company to provide the design and shopdrawings services for the infrastructure and FOH buildings.

The Ummahat Al Shayk Island Resort
The Ummahat Al Shayk Island Resort

Scope includes detailed design for all MEP services including:

  • Infrastructure
  • MEP Buildings
  • BIM Management

Project Information

  • The Ummahat Al Shayk Island Resort
    The Ummahat Al Shayk Island Resort
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