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The Avenues – Riyadh Complex is an ambitious project that promises to be the largest leisure and commercial destination in Saudi Arabia. Here are the key details about this impressive development:

Towers and Functions:

The complex comprises five multi-purpose towers that serve various functions:
The Avenues T1: An office tower with a height of 164 meters (538 feet), scheduled for completion in 2025.
The Avenues T2: A tower housing serviced apartments and a hotel, also reaching 160 meters (525 feet) in height.
The Avenues T3: A residential tower of the same height as T2.
The Avenues T4: This tower combines hospital and hotel facilities.
The Avenues T5: Another hotel tower within the complex.
Scope and Amenities:

Once fully developed, The Avenues – Riyadh will feature 1,300 stores in addition to the towers.
The towers will house exhibition halls, conference facilities, residential apartments, offices, and medical services123.

The complex is strategically situated in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, on King Faisal Street.
Riyadh Avenue Mall, part of the complex, spans an impressive 1 million square feet and hosts over 95 outlets.
Notably, it houses the first LuLu Hypermarket in Riyadh, making it a favorite shopping destination for city dwellers.
Popular Destination:

With approximately 5 million footfalls annually, Riyadh Avenue Mall has become a lifestyle hub not only in Saudi Arabia but throughout the entire Gulf region.
Its blend of tradition and modernity, along with a mix of fashion stores, fine dining options, and family entertainment centers, attracts visitors seeking a dynamic experience.

The Avenues - Riyadh Complex
The Avenues - Riyadh Complex

Scope includes detailed design for MEP services of residential units including:

  • BIM management

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  • The Avenues - Riyadh Complex
    The Avenues - Riyadh Complex
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