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Qiddiya is an ambitious project that is shaping up to be Saudi Arabia’s premier entertainment, sports, and culture hub. Let me give you a glimpse of what this exciting endeavor entails:

Vision and Scale:

Qiddiya is situated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is owned and developed by the Qiddiya Investment Company, a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund.
The project aims to be the largest tourism destination in the world by 2030, covering an impressive area of 334 square kilometers—that’s even larger than Disney World! 🌎
Attractions and Offerings:

Theme Parks: Imagine a Six Flags theme park that’s 2.5 times the size of Disney World! 🎢
Water Parks: Splash and play in refreshing water parks.
Motorsports: Rev up your engines at racetracks.
Hotels: Luxurious accommodations for visitors.
Performing Arts Centers: A stage for creativity and culture.
Sports Venues: International arenas for athletic events.
Events Calendar: Packed with exciting happenings.
Saudi Vision 2030:

Qiddiya is part of the Saudi Vision 2030, a strategic plan to diversify the country’s economy and reduce dependence on oil.
By creating a world-class entertainment destination, Qiddiya aims to:
Provide new opportunities for entertainment, creativity, and fun for the youthful Saudi population (67% of Saudis are under 35).
Generate jobs and contribute to a more prosperous society.
Bring back some of the billions of dollars Saudis spend on outbound tourism annually.
The Future of Entertainment:

Qiddiya is not just a project; it’s a vision—a place where dreams come alive, adrenaline rushes, and imaginations soar.


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