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Jannat Al-Hussain Residential Complex is a remarkable project located in Karbala, Iraq. Named after Imam Al-Hussain, it is situated approximately 7 kilometers from the holy shrine. Here are the key features of this ambitious residential city:

Land Area: The complex spans an impressive 1.3 million square meters and is designed to accommodate 25,000 residents.
Direct Access: Residents will have convenient access to the center of the old town of Karbala.
Modern Architecture: Jannat Al-Hussain aims to establish a residential community using state-of-the-art technology while preserving the heritage of Karbala.
Housing Options: The city offers 5166 residential units with various sizes to meet individual needs. These include apartment studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments.
Shopping Mall: Jannat Al-Hussain will feature a shopping mall with restaurants, cafes, and retail shops.
Security and Safety: The complex prioritizes advanced security systems to provide residents with a safe living environment.
Green City Design: Jannat Al-Hussain adheres to international standards for green cities, integrating infrastructure services, community spaces, and modern amenities.

Jannat Al-Hussain Residential Complex

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  • Jannat Al-Hussain Residential Complex
    Jannat Al-Hussain Residential Complex
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