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Abu Dhabi International Airport is set to welcome travelers to its new terminal, known as Terminal A, starting in November 2023. This state-of-the-art terminal, previously referred to as the Midfield Terminal Building, represents a significant milestone for the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Let’s explore the details:

Terminal A Features:

Size: Covering an impressive 742,000 square meters of built-up area, Terminal A is among the largest airport terminals in the world.
Passenger Capacity: Once fully operational, it will accommodate up to 45 million passengers per year and process 11,000 travelers per hour.
Architecture: The terminal’s imposing and memorable architecture has won international design awards. Its glass exterior maximizes natural light, creating a monumental civic space inside.
Biometric Systems: Equipped with interconnected biometric systems, Terminal A offers a seamless, digitized journey from pre-travel to boarding gate. Self-service kiosks, streamlined security checkpoints, and advanced baggage handling systems enhance passenger experience.
Sustainability: In line with UAE’s sustainability goals, the building features energy-efficient lighting, advanced HVAC systems, and sustainable materials. A solar photovoltaic system on the car park roof contributes to reducing the operational carbon footprint.

Travelers can enjoy luxurious lounges, relaxation zones, and spa facilities within the terminal.
The terminal’s amenities cater to both comfort and convenience.
Global Hub:

Abu Dhabi’s reputation as a global hub for trade and business will be further strengthened by this world-class facility.
The terminal’s opening marks a significant step in transforming the local aviation ecosystem.

Abu Dhabi International Airport

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